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True stories are the most powerful form of communication. Once you combine someone’s personal experience with expertise, you have a speaker who audiences listen to and are impacted by.

How valuable would it be to have someone who can impact all audience types— from students in a school listening to one of their athletic heroes— to thousands of physicians and practitioners at an international medical conference? 

By understanding all facets of addiction and recovery, we can work toward understanding and treating a disease that kills over 200 people each day in the United States. Our speakers help audiences understand the disease of addiction while focusing on prevention, education and intervention. 


Speakers like founders Randy and Lydia Grimes at Pro Athletes in Recovery are passionate, powerful and experienced. They have presented to all different audience types – from schools to national conferences. We are happy to provide video reels, testimonials and topics for your review!

Media Coverage and Interviews

Media may contact our friends at Tour de force Speakers for a digital copy of press packets at  lisa@tourdeforcespeakers.com. We will also assist you in coordinating all on- or off-site interviews at any events (when appropriate).



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